WELCOME TO Healthy Tribe

About Us

Healthy Tribe Organics is a leading and trusted brand for organic foods in India driven with the sole goal to ensure everyone out there consume food that does good only to your body and keeps you healthy for ages.
There’s so much that nature offers us on a daily basis. Yet, we don’t seek them and choose to consume foods that are deemed unhealthy. Let’s take a moment to think about nature for its existence and thank the same nature for all the magical food it creates with its powers.
The core idea of this initiative began on a chilled evening when I saw children munching on some packaged snacks. Every bite that they took, they relished and even more, they wanted more of it.
But a deeper thought engulfed in our mind — The fast foods and snacks that the kids are enjoying are packed prettily, branded heavily, advertised as safe. But are they really?
One closer look at the ingredients section hidden in those glossy plastic packets will reveal what we are trying to say.
And yes, we did search a lot for a solution and sustainable foods that are manufactured naturally without chemical depositions, added preservatives, and adulterated materials. We could not find any options, to our disappointment.

We don’t want our future generation to grow up eating packaged foods like this and that’s when a new idea was born — Creating sustainable and healthy food solutions that will endorse health and educate humankind.
Alas began our journey to cultivate our own food production using natural, traditional, and sustainable farming methods — the one that our ancestors practiced for generations to live a healthy life.
Progressing slowly, Healthy Tribe Organics began to collaborate with true-blue farmers who understood the issue and trusted in our vision to farm and produce food in natural ways possible to help humans live healthily and increase their lifespan. And after years of research, months of practice, here we are, with foods that are fresh and fun.
Eat healthy, stay healthy and live healthy with Healthy Tribe Organics.
Core Philosophy
All of us love organic food. All of us wish to consume organic food. All of us want to buy organic food. But what’s stopping us from taking that one step? The thought that organic food is expensive? If yes was the answer, thank you for giving us an opportunity to bust that myth.
No, organic food is not expensive. Not at all.
Yes, organic food is super-healthy. Absolutely.
Secondly, right from childhood, all of us have grown up listening to this: Farmers are the backbone of our country. And there are no second doubts about that. They definitely are. Like everyone, we cared for our farmers and wanted to do our part in ensuring farming flourishing in our land, forever.

Healthy Tribe Organics wanted to create a bridge between the farmer and consumers, where the end-users can eat food fresh from the farms.
We make sure our farmers get a more-than-adequate price for their hard work and at the same time, ensure the buyers are not burdened with a heavy price tag to eat healthy food.
But easier said than done, right? Especially when you have an ever-popular myth that “Organic is for the Elites”. No, it isn’t and we are here to break that myth down into pieces by bringing all of you organic food at prices that are accessible and affordable to everyone for whom health and family wellness is a top-most priority.
Your physical health directly impacts your mental health, and the truth is that you need your mental health in order to get your gut under control. Sadly, you cannot have one without the other.
When you get home and sit to eat, how does it feel to see your plate filled with chemical preservatives, unnatural, and flavor enhancers? Well, that’s how most of the foods you buy from supermarkets are loaded with. By constantly eating food that is filled with preservatives, we have become accustomed to thinking that’s how the food tastes.
The truth is — Food produced organically tastes much more pristine and pleasurable. Something that you can only understand when eaten. Once you have gotten the knack of how delicious organic food feels, there’s no looking back and you’d only want more and more of it.
Simply put, food tastes so much better without flavor enhancers. Try it and you’ll know it.

And “you are what you eat” has become such a cliche statement in testing times like this. Especially when we are just recovering from a pandemic that transformed and toppled our lives entirely. You are DEFINITELY what you eat. Your health is DEFINED by what you eat.
Have you ever thought, “Is this what my life is going to be? I don’t want to eat food which I know is unhealthy, yet I do for the rest of my life.“ It’s time to take a step towards the change – for your wellbeing and for the ones that surround you with love.
It’s time to criss-cross all that we’ve been doing wrong and set foot to give food that’s healthy and natural — to you, to your children, to the aged. And recommend the same to everyone you come across.
Say no to additives-filled unnatural food. And say yes to addictively tasty natural foods from Healthy Tribe Organics.
We are striving hard to be more than just a seller of natural foods . We want to see this globe wake up every day with no bodily pains and with a healthy mindset. We’re on a mission to bring chemical-free and natural food to your plates every day. We want to eradicate plastic by promoting eco-friendly packing. We want your children to be happy without any health issues. We want the aged to live longer without any complications. We want the farmers to feel proud about what they do. We are working to make this world a better place to live in.
Adapt the change, make the move and take your leap of faith towards natural and healthy living.
Ready to seek a healthy route? Excited to feel the taste of unsaturated foods? You’re welcome to join our tribe — The Healthy Tribe Organics!