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The Anchor of Healthy Tribe

Seema Jindal Jajodia

Founder, Nourish Organics

Seema Jindal Jajodia is a healthy living advocate. She believes that nature is the biggest nurturer. Also, that food plays a big role in shaping our health. With this belief and love for organic food, she started Nourish Organics, a leading brand of ready-to-eat organic food products.

She believes that all round fitness that can be achieved by having proper food, proper sleep and training our minds to stay calm and peaceful during turbulent times. Spirituality guides her way of living.

Her love for healthy living motivated her to become a certified health coach (certified by Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York) with holistic understanding of the concepts of nutrition, health and wellness.

She shares her knowledge with well being of society in mind through various courses and workshops. In past, she has conducted workshops on benefits of eating raw foods and super foods; and courses on healthy cooking.

She cares for Mother Nature and does her bit by composting plants in her residence.

As a proponent of organic foods, she uses her terrace for growing organic produce.

She believes that farmers need to flourish in order to have good healthy organic produce available for everyone. That’s why she promotes the farmer community wherever possible.

She is an adventure lover and an active marathoner and biker. Spiti trip was one of her favorite cycling trips.

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Every Tuesday, you’ll learn something interesting. This course is geared for those who care for their health and also for the health of their loved ones.

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Course Starts Soon!
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